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Digital Dental Radiography with Less Radiation!

Digital dental radiography is now available at Broadway Animal Hospital. Digital x-rays are safer for your animals, with 75 to 90 percent less radiation than traditional x-rays. Also, digital x-rays require no processing chemicals that pollute the environment.

Dental x-rays are essential to providing the best possible care for your pet's mouth. Physical examinations of the mouth can't reveal disease that is hiding under the gum line and inside the tooth that x-rays can.

We can use dental radiographs to confirm proper and complete extraction of a tooth, and to measure the degree of bone loss and its progression or regression. For show dogs, x-rays can determine if the proper number of teeth are present. Worn teeth can look like healthy, vital teeth when in fact they are dead on the inside.

Radiographs are truly black and white - there is no subjectivity.

With x-rays, we can also identify cancerous lesions, metabolic disease, and foreign bodies lodged in the nasal and oral cavities. Without x-rays, diagnosing these problems would require multiple visits for a biopsy, waiting time for histopathology results, and potentially another anesthetic procedure. Valuable time would be wasted allowing problems, such as cancer, to grow and spread to different areas of the body.


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